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What to believe about AI?

These days the news is filled with stories about AI (artificial intelligence). Much like reporting of past technology breakthroughs, what’s being reported is confusing, contradictary and often alarming. The truth is most of the writers (myself included) have little sense of what it all means,… Read More »What to believe about AI?

A two-for-one embarassment

You couldn’t have written a more embarassing script for what occurred tonite. Gov. Ron Desantis decided to make his long awaited announcement that he is running for president on Elon Musk’s Twitter. Two far right personalities with authoritarian bents attempting to help each other. DeSantis… Read More »A two-for-one embarassment

The Era of No

Guest column by Andy Abramson (bio follows) Taking a short flight from LAS to SFO on SWA and I was amazed at how something that was so much fun and enjoyable for many years has become such a negative experience. Waiting in line for my… Read More »The Era of No

GM’s third strike

This is not about a labor strike of autoworkers. It’s about the baffling decision-making at General Motors that flies in the face of market trends and common sense. In recent weeks GM has announced that they’re killing CarPlay and Android on many of their future… Read More »GM’s third strike

Travel tech

Travel tech once meant chargers, backup batteries and luggage scales, but now it’s more about apps on your phone, tablet, and watch. Having just returned from a week in Japan, I relied on a whole new set of apps on my iPhone that made my… Read More »Travel tech