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Hawaii calls

(This column written for JoeSentMe, the informative travel newsletter for professional travelers) I just returned from a delightful trip to Kaui with my wife and daughter. Unlike many trips this year, this one was smooth and trouble free. We were fortunate to travel on Alaska… Read More »Hawaii calls

The idiocy of Elon Musk

Sometimes you need to believe what’s in front of your eyes. If something is so obvious, then perhaps it’s just as it seems. That’s especially true with regard to Elon Musk. If we follow all of his actions, decisions, and statements with regard to Twitter,… Read More »The idiocy of Elon Musk

Shopping for a TV

I’ve been shopping for a new large screen TV to replace a twelve year old Samsung, and it’s been quite an ordeal. Remember the book, Paradox of Choice? It’s about when there are too many choices it’s impossible to reach a decision. That’s what I… Read More »Shopping for a TV

Audio parlor tricks

Over the years, the home audio industry has attempted to come up with ways to replicate the sound we hear in concert halls, theaters, and intimate venues. Decades ago the industry promoted adding more speakers to create sound all around us. It was accomplished by… Read More »Audio parlor tricks