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An update on EVs

For those still thinking about buying an electric vehicle (EV), the landscape has changed considerably over the past year. Yet deciding what to buy has become more complex than ever. A Tesla was always a safe bet, offering the best range and charging network, and… Read More »An update on EVs

The Magic of Amazon

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just over, I’m marveling at how Amazon has changed our buying habits. It’s not just a substitute for driving to the store, but so much more. First, you can’t find many of the items on Amazon in any store,… Read More »The Magic of Amazon

Hawaii calls

(This column written for JoeSentMe, the informative travel newsletter for professional travelers) I just returned from a delightful trip to Kaui with my wife and daughter. Unlike many trips this year, this one was smooth and trouble free. We were fortunate to travel on Alaska… Read More »Hawaii calls