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The future of search

Google search has become a real pain to use. What was once a stellar product is now a polluted mess. It takes too long to get your answers, requires too many clicks, makes us sort through ads and misleading results, and often leads us to… Read More »The future of search

Medical care apps

The quality of medical care in this country may have many faults, but I’ve been impressed in one small area, how technology has improved our ability to communicate with our health providers. It wasn’t too long ago when my doctor would take notes on a… Read More »Medical care apps

Hertz unloads their Teslas

Hertz announced today that they’re selling 20,000 EVs from their fleet and replacing them with internal-combustion engine vehicles, taking a $245 million loss. As noted in my earlier column, Hertz’ decision to place an order for 100,000 Tesla’s was a really stupid move that was… Read More »Hertz unloads their Teslas