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A two-for-one embarassment

You couldn’t have written a more embarassing script for what occurred tonite. Gov. Ron Desantis decided to make his long awaited announcement that he is running for president on Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Two far right personalities with authoritarian bents attempting to help each other. DeSantis wants to avoid the press and support Twitter’s new far right bent, and be interviewed by Elon Musk and his tech sycophant David Sacks.

Musk, who just yesterday challenged all tech companies to follow his lead and cut their employees like he did, wants to use Twitter as a new right wing platform to compete with Fox News, and persuaded DeSantis to announce on Twitter. So what could go wrong? Well, considering their ignorance and lack of planning by both Musk and DeSantis, just about everything.

Musk’s Twitter crashed with just a few hundred thousand attempting to join the audio call. Apparently Musk never tested the site’s capacity and was ignorant about its capabilities. That was a major oversite on his part, perhaps due to firing so much of his company. And DeSantis’ campaign staff apparently assumed Musk had everything under control and let their candidate walk into this disaster.

And like many in the tech industry who try to spin a failure into a success, David Sacks claims the servers melted down because of Musk’ and DeSantis’ huge popularity.

Everyone connected to this event comes out looking dumber. It’s a two for one win for those that have little regard for what Musk has done to Twitter and what DeSantis has done to Florida. They really deserve each other.

And some more quotes from the press:

The Verge: Elon’s account experienced what you might call rapid unscheduled disassembly

Politico: DeSantis’ launch marred by horrendous tech failures

The Guardian: The screen kept saying “Preparing to launch”. But this wasn’t one of Elon Musk’s space rockets that soars through the stratosphere and settles into a comfortable orbit. This was one that blew up on the pad in a dazzling ball of flame.