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Time for a new phone?

This is the time each year when the world’s two largest phone manufacturers introduce their new models and entice us to buy. Samsung just introduced a pair of folding phones and Apple will be announcing their iPhone 15 models in September. I’m usually first in… Read More »Time for a new phone?

Biting the hand

There is a huge change occuring in the way companies have been developing our tech products for the past three decades. Check the label on nearly all tech products and accessories and you’ll usually see Made in China. Sometimes it will say Made in China… Read More »Biting the hand

If you want an idea of how unpopular Elon Musk and his takeover of Twitter is, you need only look at how popular Mark Zuckerberg and his Twitter rival, Threads, has become. In less than a day more than 30 million people signed up for… Read More »