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Beware of the Allianz add-on to your airline ticket

Beware of those insurance policies promoted when you buy an airline ticket. That’s advice I’ve always given others, but I fell for it and learned a lesson. I booked a business trip on Alaska Airlines, my new favorite airline, and as I checked out, Alaska promoted a number of add-ons, including a $22 trip cancellation

Beware of the Allianz add-on to your airline ticket2019-12-31T14:39:09-08:00

Away has become the Uber of luggage

Away Luggage has been a phenomenon that’s hard to explain. The company, with huge VC financing valuing it more than Tumi, took a simple commodity product, a hard sided wheeled carry-on luggage, added a battery pack, a few clever features, and marketed the hell out of it as a life-style brand. They found a good

Away has become the Uber of luggage2019-12-31T14:32:44-08:00

Technology Improving Medical Care

With the many inadequacies in our medical care system, there are some encouraging signs that technology may offer the hope of improving our care. It’s an area ripe for disruption where there is now so much secrecy and confusion, and where insurance companies routinely come between our doctors and our well-being.

Technology Improving Medical Care2019-12-02T12:39:41-08:00

One of the most interesting and useful functions on a watch are sunrise and sunset information. It requires complex algorithms to determine the various times, because the times vary throughout the year and are a function of your location. That hasn’t stopped inventors from coming with ingenious ways to display this information. YES is a


Holiday Cards for Nerds & Engineers

Patent Press. has created a series of paper greeting cards that feature illustrations from real patent applications, especially those interesting patent drawings. The holiday cards include the patent drawing of a variety of seasonal inventions, such as a light-up menorah, an Etch-a-Sketch, and the famous “leg lamp” from a Christmas Story. They’re clever, but definitely

Holiday Cards for Nerds & Engineers2019-11-20T09:12:28-08:00

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Apple introduces a new MacBook Pro with a keyboard that works

The headline today on most of the tech sites is Apple’s introduction of their new 16-inch MacBook Pro. It’s been long anticipated, not because of a faster processor, not because of a 16-inch display, and not because of better speakers. It’s because it’s the first notebook computer from Apple in five years with a keyboard

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Apple introduces a new MacBook Pro with a keyboard that works2019-11-20T09:10:40-08:00

Uber watch

Uber is facing a number of threats that jeopardize its ability to survive. The CA legislature has passed a law that requires the company (as well as many other businesses) to reclassify their contractors as employees and provide them with benefits they offer other employees. While this law may be misguided, it shows how vulnerable Uber…

Uber watch2019-09-27T14:16:26-07:00