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Getting rid of Cable TV – Part 2

   Comparing alternatives to cable for accessing live TV should be simple. But I’m finding it to be not as easy as I expected due to the varying fees and confusing websites. I began this search with the expectation of reducing my monthly cable bill, but was surprised by what I found. In looking at

Getting rid of Cable TV – Part 22020-02-18T16:59:16-08:00

Getting rid of Cable TV – Part One

 Cable TV companies have been joked about, ridiculed, and tolerated for years, but have remained a necessity that we’ve been forced to endure. They’ve been a necessary evil, yet required to receive TV programs and a get a speedy Internet connection. Their indifference and mediocre customer support are a result of cities and towns granting

Getting rid of Cable TV – Part One2020-02-11T01:55:49-08:00

Technology is overrated

 As I waited for the results of the Iowa primary Monday evening, I was reminded of something I know only too well as a technologist. That is technology is greatly misunderstood and often overrated. This is particularly true with software, which is often a black box, where even the developer may not understand everything that

Technology is overrated2020-02-05T03:13:19-08:00

John Bolton’s Briefcase

 Regardless how you feel about John Bolton, his taste in briefcases is impeccable. In this NY TImes picture he’s carrying the Deal Briefcase, hand made in San Francisco by my friends Myron and Kari Glaser in their downtown workshop. They’ve been designing and building some of the best business bags you can buy at any

John Bolton’s Briefcase2020-01-30T01:38:11-08:00

Disappointment with FedEx

 Amazon ran into problems with Fedex and dropped them from one of their approved delivery services in December. I was surprised to hear that, because I’ve always had an affinity for using Fedex ever since I studied the famous Harvard Business School business case. It was a lesson on entrepreneurship, telling the story how Fred

Disappointment with FedEx2020-01-28T06:38:26-08:00

The MacBook dilemma for the road warrior – Part 3: The almost conclusion

 As reported in two earlier posts, my 12-inch MacBook is one of millions with a keyboard failure, the result of Apple’s use of a new keyboard design to make their notebooks thinner. The design, called Butterfly, has proven to be unreliable, leading Apple to extend its keyboard warranty to four years from the normal one.

The MacBook dilemma for the road warrior – Part 3: The almost conclusion2020-01-19T16:14:11-08:00

My take on CES

 The annual Consumers Electronic Show just rapped up, I’ve gone to about thirty of them, but for the past two years haven’t bothered. It’s become an impossible show to cover, and with press coverage available on-line, I’d rather cover it from my computer at home. The show has really become a parody of itself. While

My take on CES2020-01-14T22:38:07-08:00

The notebook dilema for the road warrior – Part 2

 In a previous post, I explained the dilemma of a MacBook with a constantly failing keyboard. Well, its gotten worse. Now being eight months out of their four year warranty, Apple will no longer replace my faulty keyboards for free. As I explained, my request for a repair was denied and I was offered a

The notebook dilema for the road warrior – Part 22020-01-10T00:02:07-08:00

Returning to Taiwan

 It’s always a revelation to travel to a far off destination and experience a different country, particularly in these times. It provides a different perspective, and more and more, shows us how this country is no longer a leader in so many areas, including infrastructure like transportation, the use of technology in everyday life, and

Returning to Taiwan2020-01-04T17:48:26-08:00

Apple assesment over the past decade

 Walt Mossberg, the renowned and highly respected technology columnist for the Wall St. Journal and The Verge, briefly came out of retirement to write an insightful analysis of the past decade of Apple with Tim Cook at the helm. It was a fascinating take – well balanced, knowledgeable, and perceptive, especially considering how supportive his

Apple assesment over the past decade2019-12-25T20:03:18-08:00