Sometimes it seems that possessing basic intelligence and clear and logical thinking is a handicap during these times. It certainly creates a lot more stress. Why? Because it leads to an avalanche of frustration watching our Federal government react so poorly to this pandemic.

Simple logic and common sense that we’ve learned over the years comes up against the daily outpouring of blame, fault-finding and twisted thinking of our president and his supporters. There’s something new every day that keeps adding to that. A couple of weeks ago it was saying the country would be open by Easter – not logical. Last week it was Trump putting the onus on states to find their own tests, masks and ventilators – not cost-effective nor practical. Then it was his claiming he had the total authority to decide when to open up, – not legal, and now today he decided to stop funding the World Health Organization, an action that some describe as a crime against humanity. There’s not a day that goes by that fails to outrage, confront basic logic, and endanger more lives.

Yet his supporters, including most Republicans in Congress, Fox commentators and 40% of the public ignore these facts and spin their own versions of the pandemic that bears very little resemblance to reality and logical thinking, In all modestly, I never realized how dumb so many could be that they seem willing to support policies that endanger themselves, their listeners and their constituents.

Witness the Governor of Florida allowing wrestling events or the Governor of South Dakota refusing to enact an isolation policy requested by many of the state’s mayors. These acts clearly  will result in more deaths, yet they’d rather accrue a few accolades from Trump than save the lives of their constituents. By what logic or level of intelligent thinking can what they do be justified?

Yes, we’ve entered a universe where right is wrong and up is down. It must be wonderful to be so ignorant that you don’t need to confront such insanity on a daily basis.